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Hey y’all, I’m Mackenzie, a 24-year-old Dallasite moving around the United States and Europe since the age of 15. In high school, I left home to go to a boarding school abroad with the hopes that my demons somehow would not be able to follow me across the Atlantic (spoiler alert: they did).

The frequently changing nature of my home environment and the anxiety and depression that I’ve struggled with since childhood made it extremely challenging to learn how best to take care of myself and my mental health. During my never-ending journey to fearlessly live my best life, I’ve realized that it’s hard to do this when there are so many topics that are too ‘taboo’ or ‘personal’ to talk about. However, as a single, young-adult who has not always had a close relationship with my family, who am I supposed to talk to?

I hope to help others either learn more about themselves in their ability to relate to some of the crazy sh*t that I’ve done when I didn’t know how to communicate or process my emotions.

All of my love, XOXO

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